Merchant Services

Gift Loyalty

Gift cards hold, or “store” a pre-paid value that can be used for purchases and can be customized to fit the branding and imaging of your company. Magnetic stripe gift cards are processed as secure, electronic payments through most existing point of sale and credit card terminals. Gift card’s can be beneficial for you and your customers in many ways. Enhance sales and revenue.

By offering customers more options and incentives to remain loyal to your business, sales will automatically increase. Encourage, build, and maintain customer loyalty. To redeem the card value, customers will revisit your store and, quite possibly, purchase more. Avoid theft and fraud damage. Gift cards require activation to be used and contain other security features to help minimize the risk of theft and fraud.

What is a loyalty card program? In today’s competitive retail environment, loyalty programs are aimed to retain and build upon a merchant’s current customer base. The system is a powerful tool to create a compelling reason for customer’s to continue to visit a merchant time and time again. Preferred Card specialists work with the retailer to determine and configure the system for the types of loyalty program desired.

During these tough economic times most will agree that every dollar counts. Preferred Card Services believes that every merchant deserves a no hassle program with the latest equipment at a fair price, and is dedicated to deliver just that.

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